COUNTRYStyles of homes have changed throughout the years. With significant changes over the years in building materials, pricing, and technology, homeowners now have unlimited choices now in many areas, both urban and rural.  Home buyers, even in Amite, Louisiana can choose whether they want a Mediterranean style home, Acadian style, Floridian, or Rustic style home.  All of these styles are extremely beautiful and unique in their own ways so you couldn’t say one is better than the other, only that it is truly up to the buyer’s preference. Trends have identified themselves in the Amite area over the years.

Acadian style homes were the most common in the early 1990’s and the construction materials were mixed between wood and vinyl siding. Vinyl siding protected the wooden frame of the home and was extremely resistant to deterioration due to mold or insects. Vinyl is fairly inexpensive so if it ever got damaged, it could be replaced for very little cost. Over the years, brick and stucco combinations became more popular in the Amite area homes. Stucco gave the homes many different finish options in both the texture of the stucco and the color options. We all know brick is one of the most durable exterior building materials and they come in a multitude of color variations. Mixing the brick with stucco allows you to accent the colors in the brick by painting the stucco any color you want. Stucco is applied to a metal mesh that is attached to the home in any pattern you design, so this gives the owner the ability to use accents to the home that you are unable to accomplish with many other materials. Stucco is porous however and is susceptible to mold and mildew if it is not maintained properly.

Annual cleaning and inspecting can keep your stucco from deteriorating and also allow you to change the colors over the years. Other materials that have gained popularity over the years, including HardiPlank and natural stone, have also helped home owners in the Amite area customize their home even farther. HardiPlank  is designed to look like real wood but made of compressed cellulose fibers and cement like particles. This gives you an increased fire resistant material that looks like real wood, but less flammable in case of accidents. Not only is the material fire resistant but it is also not as susceptible to rotting like real wood. Many real wooden homes have to combat termites, moisture, and other causes of rot. Unlike real wood, the manufacturers of HardiPlank warrant it for 50 years but say it should last even longer. Having so many different options for home buyers in the Amite area allows them to pick and choose the best option for their families.

There many beautiful homes in Amite for sale that are constructed out of a variety of different building materials. Each one may contain certain characteristics that make them more appealing to the homebuyer. Amite, having many homes to choose from, has become a prime location for home buyers to start their search. If you are searching for a home on a large piece of property within driving distance from the Mississippi state line, Amite has exactly what you are looking for. Many people own quiet get away homes as well. Call a member of your HOME team today and let them know that you would like to see what homes are available in Amite, Louisiana. ​

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