Tangipahoa Parish, part of the Florida Parishes, is a jewel of the North shore. Tangipahoa Parish contains crossing interstates, I-55 and I-12, a port, airports, rail transportation, and almost everything that appeals to manufacturing and production industries. When you are searching for the best location for your home in Tangipahoa Parish, there are so many things to consider. Here are a few tips to choosing the best location in Tangipahoa for you!

  1. Consider the location that is the easiest transition area to your place of employment. If you work in Baton Rouge you would want to live closer to I-12 and if you work in New Orleans you would want to live closer to I-55. This makes it extremely convenient for many of our residents in the parish. They are able to live in the quiet and safe rural areas of Tangipahoa Parish away from the busy city where they work. The amenities listed in the first paragraph have led many business owners to call Tangipahoa Parish home for their business. This allows our residents to land well-paying jobs right here in their home parish and not have to leave for their employment.
  2. Another thing you should consider when selecting the perfect location within Tangipahoa Parish is whether you want to live near the larger cities in a subdivision or in the rural areas on larger plots of land. Tangipahoa Parish has many wonderful homes within the city limits of Amite, Hammond, or Ponchatoula that would be perfect for someone who enjoys living within walking distance of shopping or entertainment areas. The downtown areas of Hammond and Ponchatoula share a rich history and hold events to celebrate this. Restaurants, shopping, entertainment and many other amenities are all within walking distance of homes in the downtown areas and the homes themselves range from the recently constructed to the restored 100 year old homes. If the rural areas are more to your liking, then places like Loranger, Independence, Tickfaw, and Kentwood may be the best choices for you and your family. Even areas on the outskirts of Ponchatoula contain larger land plots able to accommodate large acreage sections fit for a farm or secluded residence. Loranger, home of Old Farmer’s Day celebrates the rich farming history of the area by sharing the traditions of the area with the residents of today. Loranger, being home to many dairy farms, has residents that love to show children how cows are used to produce many of their favorite treats today. If you live in areas like these you can choose to have plenty of cleared farm land or even plenty of wooded area for hunting or seclusion.
  3. The last thing we would like to mention that we believe you should consider when choosing the location that fits your family the best in Tangipahoa Parish, is the school you will be sending your children to. There are great schools located all over the parish and driving from one end of the parish everyday could become tiring. Look at the schools in the areas before choosing your location and our HOME team can help you with that task. Private and public schools in Tangipahoa Parish have all begun a revamp of their programs to keep them moving into the modern technology arena. By integrating today’s technology, schools can adapt the curriculum to technology they are already accustomed to using. Every city in Tangipahoa Parish has access to a wonderful school or multiple schools; we just recommend finding the one that fits your child the best.

All of these things are important considerations when you are looking for a home but there is one thing that we can’t take into account when we are advising you as the client. When you find that perfect home, it sometimes doesn’t matter if it is farther from work or school. That perfect home is just that, perfect, and you have to have it. We have all seen it before and it gives us great pleasure as your HOME team real estate agents to help you find that perfect home no matter what. Call or email us today and schedule an appointment to discuss what you are looking for in a dream home and we will comb through every listing to pull out the best options for you and your family.

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